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Cambodia Foods and Drinks

It is one of our most basic needs. We cannot live without it. Food gives us the energy for everything we do - walking, talking, working, playing, reading, and even thinking and breathing. Food also provides the energy for our nerves, muscles, heart, and glands that need to work. In addition, food supplies the nourishing substances to our bodies requiring to build and repair tissues and to regulate body organs and systems. 

All living things must have food to live. Green plants use the energy of sunlight to make food out of carbon dioxide (a gas in the air) and water and other substances from the soil. Other living things depend on the food made by green plants. The food that people and other animals eat comes chiefly from plants or from animals that eat plants.

Food does more than help keep us alive, strong, and healthy. It also adds pleasure to living. We enjoy the flavors, odors, colors, and textures of foods. We celebrate special occasions with favorite meals and feasts. Favorite vegetables include beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, lettuce, onions, peas, potatoes, and sweet corn. Vegetables are commonly eaten during the main part of a meal. They may be served raw in a salad, cooked and served with a sauce, or added to a soup.

In the major cities, it is easy to get a hold of foreign beers such as Carlsberg, Heineken, Tiger, Guinness and Singha. Local brands such as Angkor, Angkor Stout and Bayon are also available everywhere

Coffee and tea are usually available anywhere in the country. Imported wine is found only in the main tourist areas.



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