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Most visitors planning a trip to the famous temples of Angkor Wat plan on doing just that—tour the majestic temples and soak up the local culture in only a few days. What they don’t expect to happen is to fall in love with this
magical country and its warm people and turn their trip to Cambodia into a volunteer vacation!

Volunteer tourism, or “voluntourism” as industry experts call it, has many potential benefits for all concerned. The best volunteer programs work with local communities by helping them to implement projects which fill needs that they have identified. Volunteers supplement their skills and resources to support capacity building within the project, which is then better able to continue successfully after the volunteers have left.

Cambodia is still a developing country and a large number of Non Government Organizations (NGOs) engage in community development and support activities that supplement the work of the Cambodian government. However, a number of selfserving individuals and organizations have also appeared to capitalize on your desire to help and may have a damaging effect on other NGOs and projects doing good work with the community.

One way to ensure that your time and money benefit the right people and places is to use this booklet as your guide. Each of our initiatives has been carefully screened and actively supports Cambodia and its people by being culturally, environmentally, and socially responsible. All initiatives were required to fill out an “Eligibility Form” asking over 20 specific questions relating to how their business or organization supports community, culture and the environment before being allowed the opportunity to participate.

Another way to ensure that your time and money are well-spent is to stop by the ConCERT office (see next page for contact details). ConCERT, which stands for “CONnecting Communities, Environment, and Responsible Tourism,” is an umbrella organization assisting over 20 NGOs in many sectors including: health, education, HIV/AIDS, land mine clearance and support for victims, environmental protection, the care of children, women and vulnerable groups, infrastructure, agriculture, and crafts and skills training.

ConCERT staff are happy to chat with you about the various ways you can help and provide you with a list of useful tips for responsible volunteering. They can also assist you with finding volunteering opportunities.

Many of the initiatives in this booklet are also members of ConCERT, reassuring you that you’re in the right place!

Another organization which provides guidance and volunteering opportunities is PEPY Ride, an international NGO registered in the USA and Cambodia that focuses on education and capacity building (visit their website at http://pepyride.org).

Learning from its hands-on experience, the PEPY team has created voluntourism guidelines to help travelers make informed