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Make a Difference

Whether you wish to volunteer or donate, it will be more constructive for both you and the people you wish to help to be prepared.

ConCERT and other like-minded organizations offer some pieces of advice to help you get the most out of your volunteering experiences,while maximizing the benefits for the community:

Plan ahead – think about why you want to volunteer, what you want to achieve, how long you can volunteer for. It is often possible to do something
useful in a few days, but volunteering to work directly with people requires more time for you to understand your role within the project.

If you book through a volunteer program, ask the organization what has been achieved by previous volunteers and enquire about their responsible tourism policy. You may also ask how the fee, if any, will be
used for the project(s).

Be cautious if the organization resists putting you in touch with previous volunteers or local people. If it does not clearly explain where and how you fit into their overall plans and does not conduct a thorough background check, these are causes for concern.

If you choose to volunteer with an organization working with children, enquire about their child protection policy.

Be cautious if the organization allows unrestricted and unsupervised visits and access to children.  Make sure you are committed and prepared to follow the rules of the project.

Work with, not instead of local people; no volunteer placements should ever take away jobs from local people. If you want to make a donation of materials and supplies, ask in advance what your chosen organization needs. It will probably have a priority list and your contribution will be timely
and useful.

During your volunteering time, be sensitive to the Cambodian culture by dressing and behaving appropriately.

Wear modest clothing, which exposes as less as possible for women, such
as sleeved blouses and long skirt or trousers, and short or long-sleeved shirts and trousers for men.

Contact Info:
ConCERT Office
P.O. Box 93009, Siem Reap Angkor, Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0) 63-963-511
Email: info@concertcambodia.org
Web: www.concertcambodia.org