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Domestic Flight From Phnom Penh

Cambodia Angkor AirK6 101Phnom Penh - Siem Reap07:3008:15Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 105Phnom Penh - Siem Reap12:5513:40Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 109Phnom Penh - Siem Reap16:0016:50Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 103Phnom Penh - Siem Reap10:1010:55Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 131Phnom Penh - Sihanoukville14:1015:20MonWedFri

Domestic Flight From Siem Reap

Cambodia Angkor AirK6 100Siem Reap - Phnom Penh08:5009:35Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 104Siem Reap - Phnom Penh14:2015:05Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 108Siem Reap - Phnom Penh17:3018:15Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 102Siem Reap - Phnom Penh11:3512:20Daily

International Flight From Phnom Penh

Thai AirwaysTG 581Phnom Penh - Manila10:0519:30Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Seoul20:4006:25Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Osaka20:2507:00Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Melbourne20:4013:05Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Nagoya20:4008:00Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Paris20:4007:05Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Narita20:4008:10Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 581Phnom Penh - Delhi10:0020:45Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 851Phnom Penh - Yangon10:0018:45Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 581Phnom Penh - Frankfurt10:2019:00Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 581Phnom Penh - Sydney10:0007:40Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 581Phnom Penh - Sydney10:0007:40Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Zurich20:4006:45Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 697Phnom Penh - Bangkok10:0511:10Daily
Thai AirwaysTG 585Phnom Penh - Bangkok20:2521:30Daily
Bangkok AirwaysPG 936Phnom Penh - Bangkok20:0021:10Daily
Bangkok AirwaysPG 936Phnom Penh - Bangkok20:0021:10Daily
Bangkok AirwaysPG 934Phnom Penh - Bangkok15:3016:40Daily
Malaysia AirlineMH 755Phnom Penh - Kula Lumpur11:1014:00Daily
Silk AirMI 601Phnom Penh - Manila10:1517:50MonWedFriSatSun
Silk AirMI 601Phnom Penh - Jakarta10:1515:15Daily
Silk AirMI 601Phnom Penh - Yangon10:1515:45Daily
Silk AirMI 601Phnom Penh - Denpasar Bali10:1517:10Daily
Silk AirMI 622Phnom Penh - Manila12:2020:30TueThe
Silk AirMI 622Phnom Penh - Singapore12:2015:20TueThe
Silk AirMI 607Phnom Penh - Singapore18:1021:10Daily
Silk AirMI 622Phnom Penh - Singapore12:2015:20MonWedFriSatSun
Vietnam AirlinesVN 841Phnom Penh - Vientian12:4013:25Daily
Vietnam AirlinesVN 841Phnom Penh - Saigon12:4013:25Daily
Vietnam AirlinesVN 840Phnom Penh - Hanoi15:4518:50Daily
Dragon AirKA 207Phnom Penh - Hong Kong18:5022:30WedFriSun
Dragon AirKA 207Phnom Penh - Hong Kong11:2515:10MonTueTheSat
China Southern AirlinesCZ 374Phnom Penh - Guangzhou16:0519:50Daily
China Southern AirlinesCZ 324Phnom Penh - Beijing08:00 16:15Daily
Shanghai AirlinesFM 834Phnom Penh - ShangHai23:354:30MonTueWedTheFriSun
Eva AirBR 266Phnom Penh - Taipei12:4517:05 Daily
China AirlinesCI 862Phnom Penh - Taipei10:5015:20TueFriSat
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 1816Phnom Penh - Saigon16:2017:10Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 1818Phnom Penh - Saigon19:3020:20Daily

International Flight From Siem Reap

Bangkok AirwaysPG 914Siem Reap - Bangkok16:4518:10Daily
Bangkok AirwaysPG 924Siem Reap - Bangkok09:4511:10Daily
Bangkok AirwaysPG 906Siem Reap - Bangkok13:1014:35Daily
Vietnam AirlinesVN 868Siem Reap - Hanoi12:4015:35MonTueWedFriSat
Vietnam AirlinesVN 868Siem Reap - Luang Prabang12:4014:05MonTueWedFriSat
Vietnam AirlinesVN 844Siem Reap - Hanoi19:4521:25Daily
Vietnam AirlinesVN 842Siem Reap - Hanoi18:0019:40Daily
Vietnam AirlinesVN 826Siem Reap - Saigon13:3014:30Daily
Vietnam AirlinesVN 828Siem Reap - Saigon18:2019:20Daily
Lao AirlineQV 523Siem Reap - Pakse15:0016:00MonTheSat
Lao AirlineQV 522Siem Reap - Pakse10:0511:05TueWedFriSun
Lao AirlineQV 522Siem Reap - Vientian10:0513:00TueWedFriSun
Lao AirlineQV 523Siem Reap - Luang Prabang15:0018:30MonTheSat
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 1808Siem Reap - Saigon10:3011:50Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 1820Siem Reap - Saigon17:4518:45Daily
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 1822Siem Reap - Saigon21:2522:25Daily