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Dorsett Singapore: Unveils a smartphone named "handy" in guestrooms

Post date: 2016-02-25

SINGAPORE - Dorsett Singapore sets to introduce a new value-added service for its guests: a smartphone called 'handy'. This complimentary value-add provides unlimited connectivity, Wi-Fi tethering, 3G Internet, local and international calls to five countries, a complete city guide of Singapore and exclusive discounts and offers.

Being a contemporary hotel equipped with a high degree of connectivity and fuss-free integrated technology, Dorsett Singapore will have the handy smartphones in all 285 rooms by 23 March 2016.

In addition to providing guests instant connectivity upon their check-in, throughout their stay, guests can use handy outside the hotel. With the unlimited 3G internet data, guests can enable the hotspot feature in the handy and tether the smartphone to their communication devices.

Handy also has a detailed city guide where guests can use it to find Singapore's main attractions and activities, recommended places to dine and spots to chill.

Features of handy include:
· Wi-Fi tethering
· Unlimited local calls
· Unlimited international calls. The five countries for unlimited IDD calls to fixed line and mobile phone include:
- China +86
- Hong Kong +852
- Malaysia +60
- UK +44
- USA +1
· Unlimited 3G internet
· Singapore city guide
· Exclusive discounts and ticketing offers

"The introduction of this new and complimentary service to our guests allows them to stay connected whenever they go in Singapore. We are confident that it will create a customer-centric value proposition and aids as an attributing factor for Dorsett Singapore in being the preferred choice of accommodation to the new generation of technology savvy business and leisure travellers." said Philip Wong, General Manager of Dorsett Singapore.

Sourced: traveldailynews.asia

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