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Airbnb's popularity explodes among spring break travelers

Post date: 2016-02-23

Hipmunk analyzed the most-booked Spring Break destinations for airfare and hotels, which the company defined for its purposes as beginning Friday, March 18, 2016, the week preceding Easter (although the dates can vary widely). To break it down further, Hipmunk also looked the most popular destinations for Airbnb vacation rentals and compared that to the same week the year before to see how those numbers had changed.

Some key findings:
A whopping 9.5 percent of all lodging bookings for Spring break this year are Airbnb rentals rather than hotels. By way of comparison, the same week last year came in at just 4%.
Some of the biggest Spring break destinations - such as Cancun and Sarasota Florida - are seeing nearly 1/2 of the lodging bookings for Spring break this year as Airbnb home rentals rather than traditional hotels (40% of Cancun lodging bookings are Airbnbs and 46% of and Sarasota's are).
Cancun is destination that's seen the biggest jump in Airbnb Spring break bookings. It's now the city with the second highest number of overall Airbnb bookings this year (after Miami) when it didn't even crack the top ten for the same week last year, when just 9 percent of its lodging bookings were Airbnbs.
Sourced: traveldailynews.com

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